New to Linux?  Interested in learning a little more about Linux?  Never heard of Linux?  We’ll just call that last group “Normals”…because it’s fun to call people names.  For all you NORMALS (best said in a mocking tone), Linux is an operating system, kind of like MacOS or Windows.  Actually its a kernel upon which many distributions are based like Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu…ahhh, but you NORMALS probably don’t care about that.  Just know that not all flavors of Linux are the same and not all of the things mentioned here will work on every system (called distributions or distros).

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t know everything.  Actually, what I know can be summed up in the diagram below, but hey, at least it’s more than my cat.  But hopefully here you can find out a little about Linux including some useful tools and tricks that I’ve picked up along the way!  If you’ve landed here than probably at least Google things that there’s something that might be helpful.  Let’s just hope that Google’s right.  Good luck…you’ll need it!

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